Traditional Partial Dentures

Traditional partial dentures can be the most convenient and affordable restoration option for patients with missing teeth. They can replace one or more teeth in either the top or the bottom of the mouth, and even fill up empty spaces on both sides of the mouth with a single device. Usually they consist of a metal framework holding in place replacement teeth attached to an acrylic, gum-colored base. This kind of dentures are removable, due to the thin and smooth metal clasps that attach directly to one’s natural teeth. Metal parts are normally smaller than plastic ones, so can be lighter, more tolerable to wear and also more durable. 

What Are Traditional Partials?Traditional Partial Dentures

Traditional partial dentures have different components and are constructed to receive support from the remaining teeth. Some parts of the metal substructure rest on the surface of the teeth, giving the traditional partial support while chewing. Other parts aid in retention, the resistance to movement of a denture away from the teeth.

These parts, called clasps, fasten onto the surrounding teeth and gently hold the partial in place, keeping the implant from moving when you are chewing, talking, and during other normal everyday activities.

What About Adjacent Teeth?

Traditional partials are modeled to rest on your existent teeth for support. Sometimes the teeth close by the empty space in need of the prosthetic might be broken down and needing restoration. A way to overcome this problem is to use survey crowns, and this procedure might be recommended by our doctor. This particular type of crown is molded to have the proper contours to fit well with a traditional partial, providing the tooth with strength to rightly support your denture while also improving the aesthetics of it. 

Traditional partials in fact can do more than just improve oral cosmetics. They can also restore the ability to talk and chew properly, as even a single missing tooth can interfere with the way our mouth works. Even more, this kind of implant can maintain the original structure and appearance of the jaw, ensuring that the natural teeth stay in place, keeping the mouth’s structure and balance. This can protect the existent teeth from too much pressure and prevent additional oral health issues. 

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