Denture Repair

Are Your Dentures Broken?

Has it broken in half, chipped, or cracked, and you're searching for broken denture repair near you? If so, you can have it repaired by a dentist. Dr. Jason Roe is a board-certified prosthodontist that offers a same-day denture repair servicein Dallas, Texas.

broken denture repair near you

What Can Make a Denture Break?

Unfortunately, your denture can break, crack, or need another repair over time. There are several things that can cause your dental appliance to break. Some of the things that can cause it can break include:

  • It doesn’t fit in your mouth well and breaks when you bite down
  • You wear it to bed and grind in your sleep
  • A dog chews on it
  • It gets dropped on the floor or in the sink
  • The top and bottom arch aren’t aligned properly

Can You Fix Dentures That Are Broken?

Depending on what damage your denture has sustained will determine if denture repairs can be done. Dr. Jason Roe will look at the broken dentures and let you know if they can be repaired or if they will need to be replaced. A clean break in the denture can be put back together. However, if your pet chews it up, it may not be repairable.

*We recommend that you do not glue it back together because it can make it impossible for us to complete a denture repair. Call us right away if your denture breaks.

We Repair Broken Dentures in Our Office

Dr. Jason Roe has the ability to complete a denture repair in our office. We have an in-house lab where he can make the repairs the same day you come in. If it is a significant break, we may need to send it out for denture repairs to be done. We use local labs that have a fast turnaround and can get it back to us quickly.

Get in Touch With Us For Denture Repair in Plano & Dallas

If you live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, call the office of Dr. Jason Roe. We’ll get you in as soon as possible to look at your dentures. Our staff is ready to take your call and help you in any way we can with your broken denture repair if we are near you.

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