Full Mouth Replacement

More and more adults are missing some teeth or all their teeth. It is not an uncommon occurrence. If you have missing teeth or are about to have missing teeth whether it is partial or full mouth rest assured that you are not alone. The use of dental implants for a full mouth replacement may be the answer. 

DenturesFull Mouth Replacement

Dentures are the popular and most common option that patients choose when it comes to tooth replacement but there is another option. Dr. Jason Roe who serves the Plano, TX area offers partial or full mouth dental implants. This method utilizes the use of small posts that are made of titanium. These posts can be placed in specific areas of your mouth to replace some of your missing teeth. Once these are in place then the process of a full mouth replacement or partial replacement dentures can take place. Do not worry you will never leave without teeth, even if it is a temporary implant during the treatment plan, as sometimes the process needs to be done in steps. 

Full Mouth Replacement

A full mouth replacement offers many advantages over traditional dentures. Some of these advantages are the likeness to natural teeth, they are long lasting, and they are more comfortable and stable compared to its counterpart. This allows you to be able to bite and chew just as you would with natural teeth. 

They also do not move or adjust as conventional dentures do. The cleaning of these dental implants is also less high maintenance. They can be brushed just like natural teeth with the use of a denture-approved toothpaste and a soft bristled toothbrush and flossing. 

No need to remove, brush, soak and reglue back into your mouth. Not to mention the preservation of your jaw bone since the dentures will be resting on the titanium posts and not on your soft or hard tissues like other dental replacement options do, causing deterioration of your jaw and gum lines.  

The Smile You Deserve

Dr. Jason Roe, D.D.S takes the time to custom fabricate your dentures along with your input. This form of the dental prosthesis is unlike regular dentures as these do not need to be removed. With the customization of your dentures, you will have the smile you always wanted. Dr. Roe specializes and is board-certified in the field of prosthodontics. He is very hands-on with the treatment plans of his patients and takes the time to walk them through the options and answer any questions so they are fully informed. 

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No one should have to walk around with missing teeth or with their hands over their mouths to hide their smiles. Everyone deserves to have a smile that they can be proud of, full mouth replacement can be the answer to replace your natural teeth. Please contact Dr. Roe’s office to make an appointment or book an appointment online.

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