Full Mouth Dentures

Full dentures are custom made prosthetics for your missing natural teeth. They are crafted specifically for each individual to fit on top of your gums for maximum comfort. For years, dentures have given patients the ability to look like they have their natural teeth. Dental prosthetics can help to restore your confidence. 

Benefits of Full Mouth Denturesfull mouth dentures

Dentures are a custom fit to each and every patient. A variety of benefits come from obtaining dentures. Some of those benefits include: 

  • Improving your ability to chew and eat food. In some cases, there are certain foods that are impossible for patients to enjoy before receiving dentures. 
  • Corrections to sounds when singing or talking.
  • Easily removable for optimal cleaning.
  • Helps to build up the facial tissue and lips. 
  • Bring back your smile to a pleasing aesthetic.
  • All of the soft and hard tissue is replaced. (i.e., teeth and gums)

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions may arise when deciding on a treatment plan for edentulism. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive. 

How Common Is It To Wear Dentures? 

Full mouth dentures have proven to be a successful treatment over time. Of the estimated 23 million Americans who are without their natural teeth, 90% make the choice for either partial or full mouth dentures.  

Am I Too Old Or Too Young For Dentures?

On average, the typical age of denture wearers is 45 years old. However, dentures can be made to accommodate all ages. It is estimated that around 3% of the American population between the ages of 18-34 wear dentures. Sixteen percent of 35-44 year olds in America wear dentures.  So, while dentures are widely considered to be for an aging population there are several young adults who also wear dentures due to the many benefits.

Let Our Experienced Team Assist You In Finding The Right Fit

If you feel that you or someone you care for could benefit from full mouth dentures, please contact us. Boost your confidence and show your smile off once again. Our dental services range from full dental implants to same day dentures. We can help find the right fit for your individual needs. You should always consult with your insurance to see if our services are covered by your plan. 

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Dr. Jason Roe and his team of professionals are looking forward to assisting you in finding the best option for receiving dentures. Call us or schedule your consultation online with us today. We can’t wait to restore your smile.

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