Tooth Supported Bridges

A tooth-supported is a type of dental bridge that receives its support by being bonded to the remaining teeth. These bridges are commonly used on patients with missing teeth who already have a crown or significantly large fillings. For those patients, Dr. Roe may recommend a tooth-supported bridge and sometimes an implant-supported bridge if they are missing one or more teeth. 

What Makes a Successful Tooth-Supported Bridge?tooth supported bridges

A bridge that is completed from canine to canine is one of the most successful bridges that can be completed. This bridge can be quite long, replacing the four front teeth, but research shows that it can be very successful. 

Be sure to Treat Your Tooth Supported Bridges as Well as Other Teeth

It’s important to treat your tooth-supported dental bridges the same way you treat your other teeth. Brushing, flossing, and having good oral hygiene will help make sure your bridges are healthy. Unfortunately, bridges, just like any other tooth, are prone to damage and may need replacement over time. 

Do Dental Bridges Feel Natural?

When you think about dental bridges, you may ask yourself whether or not these bridges feel natural. Dental bridges are designed to look and feel like your natural teeth. Dr. Roe can build a dental bridge that fits into your mouth perfectly.

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