Fixed Dentures (Hybrids)

Many people are missing some or all of their teeth. There are many different dental options available. One of those treatment options are fixed dentures. Fixed dentures are a popular choice among those needed replacement teeth, they are not removable unless by a dentist and more importantly they allow the patient to eat and talk without the fear of the teeth moving out of place. 

What Are Fixed Dentures? fixed dentures (hybrid)

These implant options are a hybrid between a regular denture and an implant supported bridge. What this means is that the way that these dentures are placed into a patients mouth is with 4 implants that are attached to the jawbone and then the dentures are attached to the implants. This is why they are not removable like regular dentures are. Fixed dentures do not lay on the soft tissue of gums or on the jaw itself they lay on the implants themselves, This allows for a more stable option. 

Are All-On-4 Dental Implants the Same As Fixed Dentures? 

Yes. All-on-4 implants are considered a fixed denture because it also is a hybrid treatment option. The implants that are installed into the jaw is what helps keep them in place, This eliminates the use for any dental adhesives. This gives the best option for being able to chew and not have to worry about the teeth moving and shifting. 

They are called all-on-4 because of the minimum requirement of needing 4 implant points for these to rest on. It can take up to 8 implant supports depending on your need. 

Why Choose A Dental Implant Instead Of A Denture?

The purpose of replacing teeth is to have the function of natural teeth or close to it. Dental implants are the best option for that. Choosing this type of prosthesis offers: 

  • more stable chewing mobility.
  • a natural smile.
  • no teeth movement.
  • no daily removal.
  • no use of dental adhesives.
  • support on implants.
  • no sore spots on jaw of gums.

With Dr. Roe your teeth are handcrafted by him with your teeth being made right in the office. No Need to go to other offices or labs. 

Fixed Dentures Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right treatment option is important, We like to ensure that our patients are well informed and answer any questions to the best of our abilities. Here are a few questions that we receive. 

How Do You Remove A Fixed Denture? 

Dr. Roe will remove the dentures himself in his office. Removal of a fixed denture should be done once a year for maintenance and cleaning. With the use of a removal tool Dr. Roe will unscrew the prosthetic, in rare cases the prosthetic may need to be cut out if it is not easily removed with the tools.

How Are Fixed Dentures Cleaned? 

Since this option is not a traditional denture that you remove to soak, you will brush the same way you would natural teeth. You will need to use a soft bristled toothbrush along with a denture-approved toothpaste. You will also have to use a water flosser or super floss to clean the gums under the fixtures. 

What Are The Advantages Of Having Fixed Dentures? 

The advantages of this type of prosthetic are that our patients can talk and eat without the teeth moving around. Patients also love that they do not need to removed to be cleaned and they can be worn to bed

What Does Fixed Partial Denture Mean? 

FPD (Fixed Partial Denture) means that the denture is adhered mechanically to natural teeth with screws, roots or dental abutments. 

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