Immediate Dentures

Getting immediate dentures is both beneficial and important to most people. Sometimes people will need to have teeth removed for various reasons; or they might have lost teeth due to unforeseen circumstances. Whatever the case may be when you are missing teeth, immediate dentures allow you to walk out of your appointment with your beautiful smile intact.  Our office provides a variety of dental services.

What To ExpectImmediate Dentures

At the appointment, the damaged tooth is removed and the dentures are set in place right away. They need to put the immediate dentures in immediately, so that the jawbone doesn’t shrink. Your mouth will then need a little time to heal and you are able to then adapt to your new teeth. In Dallas, Texas, Immediate Dentures is happy to help you get your beautiful smile back.


There are many reasons you might need to have teeth extracted.  Some teeth are poorly positioned in the mouth, such as impacted teeth.  Some teeth are broken and cannot be repaired, or a person could have periodontal disease(an infection of the gums).  You could also have missing teeth for various reasons, such as a wreck or playing certain sports.  Whatever your issue is, dentures are a viable and appealing option for you to be able to keep your beautiful smile and be confident in your everyday life.    


As you get ready for your immediate dentures, Dr Jason Roe will take dental impressions and dental images along with a complete examination of your current teeth and mouth. He will use the information and images to match the size, color, and shape of your actual teeth to get your dentures exactly how you want them. This also enables you to give some input so that his lab can come up with the best possible dentures for you. Dr. Roe will continue making adjustments as needed to get your teeth and smile exactly the way you want them. This also helps ensure that your dentures are as comfortable and beneficial as possible.

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Please contact our office immediately to schedule your consultation, so that Dr. Jason Roe and his team can get you on the right path to getting your smile back. We strive to give you the best possible personalized plan for your immediate denture needs. 

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