Implant Supported Bridges

When there are missing teeth involved there are many potential options available. One of those options is implant-supported bridges. This type of dental prosthesis is similar to a tooth-supported bridge with the exception that instead of the bridge being attached to other existing teeth it is attached to multiple implants. 

Benefits of Implant-Supported BridgesImplant Supported Bridges

There are many benefits of using this option to solve some of your missing teeth problems. If you have missing teeth that are far apart from where your regular teeth are then using a tooth-supported bridge will not be possible. This is where an implant-supported bridge comes in handy. With this option, you do not need to rely on the distance of existing teeth or the presence of existing natural teeth. 

The bridge is dependent on dental abutments that the bridge can be attached to. Once the dental implants are bonded to the bone and are secure then the dental bridge can be attached securely. These give a more natural tooth look and feel as well. 

The porcelain that is used when making these implants is what gives the look and feel and blend-ability with your regular teeth. They also promote bone growth which improves functional abilities. 

Some more benefits of choosing this form of the prosthesis are lower risks of receding of the gums and bones, they preserve the jawbone, the risk of tooth decay is lessened, and none of the adjacent teeth need to be shaved down causing less stress on existing teeth and bone structure. 

What To Expect When Getting Implant Supported Bridges

This implant choice tends to be a multiple procedure process. The first surgery that would take place is for the implants into the jawbone. During this portion of the surgery, the abutments are installed, covered with gum tissue, and checked for proper positioning, Once you have healed from this procedure, which can be anywhere from 3-6 months, then you are brought back in to check and see that they have bonded with the jaw bone then a second surgery will take place. 

During the second part of the procedure, the titanium post will be exposed and a device called a healing cap will be placed over the exposure to ensure that the gums heal properly around the dental implants.

Once you are healed from your second surgery the caps will be removed and a temporary bridge will be installed to protect the implants that will be worn for about 2 months until the permanent bridge is attached. 

The entire process can take about 6 months to complete. 

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