Claspless Partial Dentures

Board Certified prosthodontist, Dr. Jason Roe and his professional skilled team can help get you the dental care that you need. Claspless partial dentures are one of the many services offered by Dr. Roe in the Dallas, Texas area. Our team is willing and ready to serve you for all your prosthetic dental needs. 

There Are Many Benefits Of Claspless Partial DenturesClaspless Partial Dentures

While similar to traditional dentures, claspless partials provide a way to more discreetly conceal your missing natural teeth. This treatment option offers an array of benefits:

  • More cost effective than other dental treatment plans.
  • Less time consuming than traditional dental options such as implants.
  • No unsightly metal clasps offering a more pleasing aesthetic. 
  • Assists in regaining your ability to eat and chew a wider variety of foods that you were previously unable to enjoy. 
  • Helps to maintain the integrity and esthetic of your mouth and jaw structure. Regain confidence when smiling.

Commonly Asked Questions About Claspless Partial Dentures

How Do Claspless Partials Work?

Similar to traditional partial dentures. They are made up of the same metal foundation and acrylic teeth and gums, but they do not attach to the remaining natural teeth with metal.  Claspless partial dentures can be secured while concealing the metal. Precise attachments then provide the retention needed to the natural tooth that is adjacent to the missing tooth.  

Is This Treatment Considered Dentures?

Any prosthetic that is removable and placed in the patient’s mouth is considered to be dentures.

What If I Am Only Missing One Tooth?

Partials can consist of as little as one tooth. They can be placed on either the upper or lower arch. If you make the choice for the claspless option this will allow your partial to stay in place more easily while eating or participating in other physical activities. 

Is A Partial Denture Uncomfortable? 

In the first few days after receiving your claspless partial you may experience minor discomfort. There is an adjustment period once the prosthetic has been placed. If the pain persists or you experience rubbing you may need to come back to our office for an adjustment. Your comfort and confidence in your smile is our priority. 

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