Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth dental rehabilitation can be a life altering treatment plan for patients. Let Dr. Roe help you make the best dental decisions for yourself. Alongside his team of professional staff, they are sure to offer you the best options in cosmetic dentistry. Our office provides a variety of dental services

Benefits Of Full Mouth RestorationFull Mouth Rehabilitation

A plethora of benefits can be found when deciding to move forward with a major dental procedure. Below is some of the most rewarding benefits:

  • Smile restoration. Self esteem will increase with your new smile. Where once you were too embarrassed to show your teeth, you will once again be showing them off. 
  • Reverse existing periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can lead to periodontitis which can lead to jawbone loss, gum recession, and eventually tooth loss.
  • Being able to consume foods that you love again. When you have missing or broken teeth eating certain foods can present a challenge. Full mouth restoration allows your to regain your ability to consume a wide variety of healthy foods. 

Common Questions About Dental Procedures

Why Consider Full Mouth Rehab?

Despite whatever circumstances that brought you to your current situation, this treatment option has many benefits. Perhaps you have recovered from intraoral cancer which requires partial or full replacement of your jaw and teeth. Maybe over the years you have been grinding your teeth and this has resulted in short nubs of remaining teeth. Another possible situation is dental injuries sustained due to a motor vehicle accident. You’ve been left to sort out the effects of a severely compromised dentition. If any of these scenarios describe you, it’s time to discuss full mouth rehabilitation with our team of experts. 

Is This Procedure Painful?

Patient comfort is our priority. Generally, patients feel little to no pain during this procedure. The area being treated will be desensitized by the prosthodontist prior to beginning the procedure. This results in the treatment being painless for the patient.

How Long is Full Mouth Reconstruction To Completion?

This is a process. It can take many visits and multiple procedures to complete restoration. Implants and extractions are often required. Healing between treatments is required in most instances. The process can take as little as a couple months to well over a year. Our team will work with you to develop a treatment plan that is individualized for you. 

Consider Your Options

Full mouth reconstruction is a service that should not be taken lightly. When considering prosthodontics, Dr. Jason Roe is very experienced in dental rehab. This procedure requires a team effort approach. Many specialists may be asked to perform specialty tasks through your dental plan of action. This may require expertise from root canal specialist, oral surgeons and orthodontist. Dr. Jason Roe is trained to take command of complex dental procedures. 

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