Replacing Large Fillings

If you have large fillings, a time will inevitably come when you need a replacement. Dr. Roe offers dental fillings to patients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. If you are in need of filling restoration or dental crowns, our team is ready to help! 

Large Fillings Need Replacementreplacing large fillings

As large fillings age, they can present a number of different issues. Although any fillings can leak, no matter the age, older fillings are more susceptible to leaks and are no longer the safest option for your mouth. Saliva and bacteria leaking under and around the filling can damage the remaining tooth structure, creating cavities under the filling. 

Large fillings could also potentially compromise the integrity of the remaining tooth structure. While a filling is often the best option for a cavity, the larger the filling, the higher the likelihood a leak happens. 

Should You Get Dental Crowns Instead?

There are instances where you should consider dental crowns instead of large fillings. Once a filling is over half the tooth width or is replacing one or multiple cusps, it’s time to consider a dental crown instead. These crowns will slide around the tooth and cover the tooth on all sides of the tooth and on top of the tooth. They can give the tooth full protection from chewing. 

Dental crowns also provide aesthetic benefits. Dr. Roe can help fit, design, and apply dental crowns. These crowns can correct tooth rotations and match your tooth size, shape, and shade. 

What Are Some of the Benefits of Crowns?

Understanding the differences between dental crowns and large fillings can help you better understand why dental crowns may be a better alternative. Here are some of the benefits of dental crowns:

Crowns Can Relieve Pain

Crowns are a restorative treatment designed to repair enamel or structural damage. These issues can cause pain. After a filling, root canal, or other treatment, the remainder of the tooth will be protected by a dental crown. 

Simple Procedure

Contrary to popular belief, dental crowns are a minimally invasive and straightforward procedure. Once the enamel is cleaned and the damaged tissue removed, a crown will be designed for that specific tooth. The crown will then be made. A temporary crown may be necessary while we wait for the crown to be ready. 

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