Multiple Tooth Replacement

If you are missing multiple teeth and are looking into your options, multiple tooth replacement options may be for you. Being confident when you smile should not have to be something you worry about because of multiple missing teeth.

Dental ImplantsMultiple Tooth Replacement

Dental implants can be just what you need. Depending on how many teeth you have missing, using implants can give you the most natural look. With the use of a small post made of titanium dental implants can be placed where the missing tooth or teeth once were. 

The use of the titanium posts allows for the installation of crowns or bridges and offers the best option for overall long-term oral health and function. The use of the posts allows the jaw bone to have a strong bond with the implant which gives for a more secure tooth replacement. It also prolongs the health of your bones. 

Once the dental implants have been attached then you have the ability to chew, talk, bite and smile just like you would with natural teeth. They give you back the confidence to show your teeth and not be ashamed. The health and overall function of your mouth will be restored. 

Multiple Tooth Implants

Multiple tooth implants have many advantages compared to removable partial dentures or fixed bridge options. The main advantage is the maintenance. With dental implants there is no need to go through the process of removing the denture, brushing after every meal, soaking, and reattaching it daily. The multi tooth option is a permanent option and requires the same daily brushing and flossing just like your regular teeth do. The other major advantage is that there is no need for support from your other permanent teeth like with a fixed bridge option. This means no potential receding gum lines and no bone deterioration causing recession of the jawbone or a collapsed smile. You also will not have to worry about your teeth moving and shifting and having to eliminate certain foods. All in all, it would be as if you had your regular teeth as opposed to false teeth.

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Dr. Jason Roe, D.D.S provides services to the Plano, TX area. Dr. Roe is board-certified in prostho dentistry and will work with you one on one to come up with the best treatment plan for you. Our office offers a variety of dental services. Let us help you on your journey to a more confident you and a new remastered smile. No one should walk around ashamed of their smile. 

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