The Team

Keelie is part of the marketing department. It is her passion to spread the word about Dr. Roe’s amazing workmanship. She finds great pleasure in telling others about the life changing work that he accomplishes. Keelie is married to her high school sweetheart and they raise their three children together.

Austin is the leader of the marketing department. He makes it his mission to share with others about the work of Pro Dental Dallas. It’s his desire to help our patients find the best possible prosthodontist to handle their treatment. He enjoys playing guitar and spending time with his wife, Keelie, and three sons.


Dr. Jason Roe came to Dallas, TX in 2013. He is a highly experienced cosmetic dentist and service North Dallas, Plano, and surrounding areas. He established Pro Dental Dallas when he arrived and has been changing his patient’s lives ever since.

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